Friday, May 17, 2013

En la ultima elecion sobre gobernadores, el ganodor triunfo por 9,000 votos. Podemos los Latinos influenciar resultados? vean el estudio de PEW.

En la politica electoral, el votante activo puede desarrollar mucho poder, claro si este poder es usado colectivamente. Revisamos el estudio para analizar nuestra abilidad y musculo electoral.  De esa forma,  Podemos escoger a aquellos que legislan tamando en cuenta nuestras vision de comunidad.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Urgen! We only have eight days left before the MN legislature Ends! We all need to intensify the struggle...

Urgent! We only have eight days left before the MN legislature Ends! We all need to intensify the struggle...

In Minnesota, we are not all equal. The anti-immigrant laws of former Governor Tim Pawlenty remain alive, dividing immigrants from the rest of society.  We call on the state democratic leadership to end this by supporting the Driving Licenses for all bill! SF 271/HF348.

The conservative Pawlenty turned driver’s licenses into immigration documents. His legacy of exclusion remains alive, but this week it could be over and you can help with this. The issues of immigration is the juristiction of the federal government. The privilege of driving and keeping drivers and roads safe is the job of the governor.

The MN-Mesa Latina calls on all the progressive forces to join us to end Pawlenty’s anti-immigrant policies.

Call the Democratic leadership and tell them we want to live in a progressive and inclusive state.
No more Pawlenty policies administered by the Democratic leadership.
Call or send a text and say:

• Governor Dayton: (651) 201-3400: We can only move forward when no one is left behind. Support Sf271/HF348

• Representative Thissen: 651-296-5375. Support HF 348 / A step for an inclusive Minnesota.

• Senator Bakk: (651) 296-8881 Support SF271 / A necessary step for an equitable Minnesota.

Most Democratic lawmakers and some Republicans support the bills HF348 and SF271, but the Democratic leadership does not have the political will to move the bill.

The MN Mesa Latina has the following demands:
• Governor Dayton: Hold a meeting with representatives of MN-Mesa Latina and allies to clarify any questions about the bill and end Pawlenty’s era by supporting  bills SF/271  and HF 348 and
• The Senate leader Tom Bakk and House of Representatives Rep. Paul Thissen: To move the bill so it reaches the governor's desk.

If our demands are not heard, members of the MN-Mesa Latina will take the following actions:
• Monday, May 13th:
       10:00 a.m.:  Delivery of our second letter to the governor. Meeting point outside the governor's office.
       4pm: We will camp indefinitely outside the Capitol
• Tuesday, May 14th:
        If the Democratic leadership does not move the bill, members of the MN-Mesa Latina, including mothers, will begin an indefinite hunger strike. May our sacrific denonce this inequality, which is being administered by the Democratic leadership, to the rest of society.
• Wednesday, May 15th and the following days:
         Calls to direct actions

Driving is not a privilege for our community, it is a necessity! We fight for an inclusive Minnesota.
MN Mesa Latina

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Please take Action, and forward to your networks

Please take action, and forward to your networks!
Inline image 1Take action with MN-Mesa Latina TODAY to pass the Driver's License for All bill through the Senate and help make Minnesota’s roads safer and more inclusive for all! Ensuring that every Minnesotan, regardless of immigration status, has equal opportunity to apply for a driver’s license means that every Minnesotan has equal access to road skill testing, vision testing, and auto insurance, increasing public safety for all. Law enforcement officials statewide strongly support the bill, citing safer roads and streamlined processing as benefits for their work and for all Minnesotans. Join MN-Mesa Latina TODAY in calling upon the Minnesota State Senate to restore driver’s license access to all Minnesotans with the Driver’s License for All bill! 
As part of a broad coalition made of organizational and individual allies like yourself, MN-Mesa Latina achieved monumental victory in passing the MN Dream Act. Now, the Driver’s License for All bill needs your help. The Driver's License for All bill is being heard on the Senate floor TOMORROW, Thursday, May 9, and we need YOUR voice to make sure the bill passes!
Take action TODAY in three easy steps!
1) Find your State Senator here:
2) Call or email them, and ask them to support the Driver's License for All bill using the below language (if you are leaving a voice mail, remember to include your full address):
Honorable Senator ______________: 
Hello, my name is _____________ and I am one of your constituents. I am contacting you today to ask you to support Senate File 271, the Driver’s License for All bill. The Driver’s License for All bill would restore driver’s license access to all Minnesotans, regardless of immigration status, and create safer and more inclusive roads. Law enforcement officials statewide hail the bill as a big win for all Minnesotans in public safety, and I agree with them. Equal access to driver’s licenses means equal access to road skill testing, vision testing, and auto insurance, making driving safer for all Minnesotans. Please join Minnesota with forward-looking states Illinois, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, and most recently Colorado, and support the passage of Senate File 271, the Driver’s License for All bill.
Thank you for supporting the ability of all Minnesotans to work, attend school, and live their lives.
3) Fill out this very short 3-question form to let us know you did it!
THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING DRIVER’S LICENSES FOR ALL!___________________________________________________________
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