Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Support HR348 call Governor Mark Dayton and Rep. Paul Thiseen- send your text at 3:30pm.

Call or Tex today at 3:30pm
Governor Mark Dayton and the Speaker of the MN House of Representatives Rep. Paul Thiseen and tell them to support HR348
Paul Thissen 651.296-5375
Governor Mark Dayton 651.201.3400
Today, Wednesday March 26, Activists and allies of the Minnesota Mesa Latina are visiting the Capitol to engage with members of the MN House of representatives to petition their support for the HF348 bill. The bill introduced in 2013’s legislature by Rep. Karen Clark and in the Senate by Sen. Bobby Champion will allow undocumented immigrants to access a Driver’s License. The bills passed the Senate in 2013 and stayed un-voted in the Ways and Means Committee of the House of Representatives. Technically we are two steps away from a victory that will benefit thousands of Minnesotan families, especially children but we need the political will of our elected officials, the Governor Mark Dayton and the Speaker of the MN House of Representatives Rep. Paul Thiseen to make this happening and citizens like you. 

The MN law prior to Governor Tim Pawlenty allowed undocumented immigrants to have access to Driver’s license. It was under the administration of Gov. Pawlenty that a Social Security became a condition to access a driver’s license.   

Today in 2014 we have growing number families with dual immigration status.  Thousands of youth born in Minnesota and/or  The United Stated whose parents are undocumented, families with one undocumented parent and a growing number of mixed race marriages. The anti immigrant sentiment that forged such policies are obsolete, unneeded and antifamilies.

While an immigration reform at the federal government is still undecided allowing people to operate a motor vehicle with proper training and documentation become an important struggle! Often time people drive motivated by the necessity to provide for their children.
Minnesotans, brother and sisters, I ask you to support our Latino children by avoiding the detention and deportation of their parents for driving without proper training and documentation.  
Today at 3:30 pm, thousands of progressive Minnesotans will text Governor Dayton and Rep. Thiseen to support HR348. Joins us!
We count on you.
MN Mesa Latina.

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